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Differentiation With (and Without) Technology

Erica Babb, science teacher at West Middle, has been sending me a number of different student creations in the past few months – videos, prezi presentations, Weebly websites, etc. I wondered what was happening in her classroom that was allowing … Continue reading

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Publish Student Work Online

The first tip I sent out to schools was one that was quick to put in practice, but big on return: impose a NO TEXT rule for student presentations. This week’s tip is like it: Publish student work online. If … Continue reading

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Reason and Audience: Scratch in Geometry Class

At the beginning of last summer, Corrie Meyer, math teacher at West High, was looking for a way to engage her 9th grade immersion students.  She wanted something fun but practical – something that would keep kids’ interest but also … Continue reading

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Quick Classroom Tools – a Timer and Maps

This week’s tip focuses on a couple quick tools for your practice, for those impromptu moments that you just need a resource that works. Today I’ll highlight an ad-free online timer that’s ultra-quick to use and an interactive map that … Continue reading

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Describe and Analyze with an Online Booklet:

Last week I highlighted some great work being done by students who were summarizing their understandings by building an online poster through  As I was chatting with a teacher about this resource, it became obvious that, for her purposes, … Continue reading

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Teach with Youtube – in more ways than one!

Youtube is much more than simply a video resource, thanks to a bit of behind-the-scenes coding.  By publishing something called an “application programming interface”, or API, Google (YouTube’s parent company), has allowed other websites to “mash up” YouTube content with … Continue reading

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Keeping it together with My Content

Welcome to the last push before winter break.  For too many students, it’s time to dust off those maps, diagrams, problem sets, and notes we’ve been giving them throughout the last 15 weeks or so.  For us, it’s time to … Continue reading

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