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Differentiation With (and Without) Technology

Erica Babb, science teacher at West Middle, has been sending me a number of different student creations in the past few months – videos, prezi presentations, Weebly websites, etc. I wondered what was happening in her classroom that was allowing … Continue reading

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Annotating Images with Smart Notebook

Each year Peter Papulis asks his geometry students to apply abstract knowledge of proportions, similarity, and ratios to their own experience – through manipulating images in Smart Notebook. Students take snapshots of one another next to prominent places around school, … Continue reading

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Digital Notebooks with OneNote

In August, Will Swihart, science teacher at West Middle, was looking for a digital notebook solution. Students in science record their daily work into a composition notebook, maintaining a table of contents and reflecting on their past work as they … Continue reading

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Publish Student Work Online

The first tip I sent out to schools was one that was quick to put in practice, but big on return: impose a NO TEXT rule for student presentations. This week’s tip is like it: Publish student work online. If … Continue reading

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Wallwisher – feedback without hassle

Every other unit or so, Norma Myers, Spanish teacher at West Middle, opens up a tack-board of sorts on the web. In response to a prompt, students respond with 160 characters or a link to a picture or video. There’s … Continue reading

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Connecting a Face to Your Curriculum

This week’s tip is a list of 3 unique websites that highlight projects, issues, and dreams from real people around the world. If you’re looking for a way to bring a face to the curriculum you cover in your classroom, … Continue reading

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DragOnTape – A Video Mix for Instruction

This week I got an e-mail asking for a tool that could pull clips from individual YouTube videos into a single film. The best tool to make something like that happen is , a website devoted to mixing and … Continue reading

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