METC Virtual Conference

METC logoMETC (Midwest Education Technology Conference) is held in St. Charles every spring to bring together educators from around the region to learn from each other. For the past two years, METC has offered up a virtual conference where they stream featured speakers live online during the conference. This year they’re also offering archived versions of these talks for the rest of the school year. Think of it as free, online professional development that is available to you whenever and whereever you want it. The topics vary and the speakers are nationally recognized as thinkers and innovators in technology integration.

Speakers include:

Each of these presenters offers great experiences and insights into the future of education and how technology plays a role in it today. Each of these is 50 minutes long so if you only have time for a few, I highly recommend viewing the following sessions:

  • The Kids Need Us – and – Technology by Rushton Hurley
  • Living on the Future Edge by Lee Crockett
  • Student Publishing and Remixing: Keeping it Safe and Legal – Panel discussion

METC is a great conference right in the St. Louis area. I highly recommend it for your own professional development and these virtual offerings bring some of the best sessions of the conference from speakers that you may never have the opportunity to see, right to your computer. Remember, these aren’t up there forever so take some time to see what’s going on in the world of educational technology at the METC Virtual Conference.

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