Updating with ease using Google Calendar

Keeping a teacher web page up-to-date is never as quick a process as one might like.  Assignments and announcements are multiple, and multiply with each different class a person teaches.   How to keep track of it all?

For more and more teachers in Parkway, the solution has become embedding a Google Calendar on each course web page.  Though it takes a bit of set-up on the front end,  Google Calendar allows you to update all your courses from one user-friendly website, without logging in to your web page builder at all.  As an added plus, a Google Calendar allows students and parents to receive updates and changes in their own online calendars or on their phones.

Most calendars will look similar to the one below:

example google calendar from algebra 2

The following resources will help you set up your own Google Calendar account and embed course-specific calendars into your teacher webpage.  If you need any additional help, please feel free to contact your TIS.

1) A quick video on setting up a Google Account (if you don’t already have a Gmail address).  I’d encourage you to set up an account connected to your Parkway e-mail (*****@parkwayschools.net).  This will help distinguish your professional calendar from a personal one.  It will also reap additional benefits if and when you begin to use other Google applications (such as Google Docs)

2) Using Google Calendar.  You can find step-by-step instructions in Google’s Help area.  In my experience, most teachers add events in the “Month” view, accessible in a tab in the upper right side of Google Calendar.

3) Connecting calendars to your web pages.

Two resources for you here:  a video and a step-by-step handout.  Click below to access each one.

The video:

movie on how to embed a calendar

And the handout:

page one of embedding a calendar

Updating a website takes some time.  Using Google Calendar can help trim some of those minutes so you can think about other things – like your students.

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