Moving your bookmarks

The internet is an ever changing place and sometimes those online tools that we might rely on as a part of our daily lives are shut down. It’s unfortunate, but that’s kind of the way it works.   Since August of 2005 I have been using Delicious for my bookmarks. On Thursday December 16th, Yahoo (which purchased Delicious a few years ago) has evidentially decided to shut it down. While I don’t believe there is any “official” word from Yahoo yet, many tech blogs and columnists have “confirmed” it. At this point, I have about 800 bookmarks that I’ve stored and shared that I need to relocate. My current solution is Diigo a service that is very similar to Delicious in that you can save bookmarks through a browser and share them with individuals or the public. The difference between the two is that with Diigo you can also annotate websites so that when you go back and you’re logged into Diigo, you can see the notes you’ve made. Additionally, Diigo has an educators account that you can apply for allowing you to create accounts for your students without having to get email accounts for your students. Finally, you can create lists of different bookmarks and share them in different ways.

A number of news websites have created alternative lists that will give other options for online bookmarking. Below are some of the possibilities as well as some other links to articles outlining uses.

Alternative Tools

Related Articles

The following video will walk you through exporting your bookmarks from Delicious and importing them into Diigo.

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