Online File Sharing

Sharing files can sometimes be tough. Many files are too big to share via email and shared folders only allow for those in a specific network to view them. There are multiple services out there that will let you drop a file that can be downloaded but some of them require you to install software in the form of an application or a browser plugin. Up until about a month ago, I was suggesting a service called but earlier this year Facebook acquired them and as of December 15th they are no longer hosting files. In looking for a replacement I came across Gett is a service much like which will host files for you. Their approach as listed on their website is

“With you can share any number of files, no matter how large, within seconds. Click on select files. Share the files with your friends. Move on – because you’ve simply got better things to do.”

Their goal is to make sharing a file as easy as possible. There are some things to think about though.

  1. Do you want an account? – If you create an account then you will be able to see and track all of your items that you’ve uploaded over time?
  2. Does this item need to be private? – If the document you are uploading is sensitive or if it doesn’t belong to you (photo or document where the copyright is not your own) then this is not your tool since there’s no password protection available.
  3. Who needs access to it? – If you are sharing this document with students, parents or colleagues, your needs may change.

Once you’ve decided that this is your tool, it’s as easy to get started. Just click on the “Create Share” button, select your file and then you’ll get a URL that you can then send via email or post on a website that will links to the file.

To learn more about the benefits of GETT you can go to their About page for more information.

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