Keeping it together with My Content

Welcome to the last push before winter break.  For too many students, it’s time to dust off those maps, diagrams, problem sets, and notes we’ve been giving them throughout the last 15 weeks or so.  For us, it’s time to remind students how to use those tools, though we’ve been cycling through that information, building as we go, all along the way.

Smart Notebook has a great feature that makes review a snap, especially on the fly.  Over in the Gallery Tab on the left side (or right, if you’ve moved it), there’s a small folder labeled “My Content”.

screenshot of the my content folder

Any content that’s added to this folder will be available to you throughout the year.  Use the same coordinate plane all the time?  Refer to that one poem every time you introduce a new literary device?  Spend an hour creating the perfect Notebook page to balance equations?  Find the timer useful but hate searching for it every time you need it?  Drop it into My Content and you’ll have that resource whenever you need it.

And it couldn’t be much easier.  To add an item to My Content, simply drag the item from a Notebook page onto the My Content folder.  Check out this video for a screen capture of the process.

To add a page, it’s even easier.  Just click on the page in the Page Sorter and select “Add pages to gallery.”  All the pages you’ve selected will go immediately into My Content.

add a page to the my content folder

Once something is in My Content, it’s always there, regardless of what Notebook file you open.  So, in that teachable moment you won’t have to search for that one file you used 8 weeks ago for that great interactive exercise you created at that one workshop.

It’ll be right where you need it – two clicks away.

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