An introduction to VoiceThread

Here’s something fun for the holidays, and maybe even your classroom.  Looking for a different way to share and discuss all the photos and videos from family get-togethers?  Interested to take some classroom discussions online – analyze primary sources, create digital stories, compare and contrast documents?  Over the Thanksgiving break, check out

VoiceThread is a multimedia, web-based application that allows discussion (audio, video, or text) around pictures, documents, and video.   Here’s an introductory VT to walk you through the basics:

What's a VoiceThread?

VoiceThreads aren’t only a great way to get families talking — they have been used for serious journalism, class projects, and professional development.   VoiceThread is a great way to get lots of people talking, including students.

For a complete presentation on how VoiceThread might work into your curriculum, check out a website I created for introducing the tool to Modern and Classical language and ESOL teachers.  There are a number of links and resources there, including step-by-step instructions.

So, check it out sometime this break — it might be great fun for your family, and maybe even valuable for your classroom, too.

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