Finding Pre-created Smart Notebook Lessons

A great way to find inspiration as you create lessons in Smart Notebook is to check out the work of others.  Besides asking others in your department, the web has a number of resources available where people are sharing and discussing their work.  The following links have some great resources and discussion to help you along as you plan:

Another source for finding specific Notebook examples is a simple search via Google.  If you’re ever looking for a certain type of file (in this case we’re looking for a .notebook file), adding a bit of text to your search will make Google look for only files of that type.  When you search, try this:

  government filetype:notebook

where “government” is your subject search and “notebook” is the type of file.   You’ll get results like this:

filetype search

Searching in this way might not bring up a bunch of results, but it will point you to more websites where individuals are sharing their work.

Have you found some other great resources?  Add them in the comments below!

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