Pulling content into SMART Notebook

One of the lesser known tools inside SMART Notebook is that of the print capture feature. Over the years, you have probably accumulated resource after resource that you use in your instructional practice.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use some of those documents and resources that you have electronically in SMART Notebook so that you could use annotate or instruct with them? Well, you can.  This week I want to show you two different Notebook tools that will allow you to capture content for use inside the software.

  1. Print Capture – When Notebook is installed on your computer a print driver is added to your list of printers under the name “SMART Notebook Print Capture”.  When you open up a document on your computer, regardless of the program, you will be able to “print” to a Notebook file.  This way if you have a quiz inside of Word, you can “print” it to SMART Notebook where you can then walk through the answers to that quiz or draw diagrams, arrows or other objects to draw attention to certain features or answers.  Or, even better, have students come up and use the board to show their work or explain/debate an answer.  To see this in action, view the video below.
  2. Screen Capture Tool Bar – This tool bar is part of the SMARTboard and will take a picture of whatever you select and import that picture into SMART Notebook.  There are 4 different ways that you can select an area to capture.

  • Restricted Area – Press and drag to outline the rectangular area you want to capture.
  • Window – Press in the window you want to capture.
  • Full Screen – Navigate to the screen you want to capture, and press the button to capture the entire screen.
  • Freehand – Press and drag to create a freehand shape around the area you want to capture.


Both of these tools allow you to pull content into SMART Notebook as pictures to use for instruction.  One thing that’s important to remember is that if you use these methods to bring in text, Notebook treats this as a picture and it’s no longer editable inside Notebook.  You can draw on it and manipulate it, but you can’t edit the actual text.If you have any questions about these or any other SMART Notebook tools, please send me and email and we can set up an appointment to answer your specific questions.

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One Response to Pulling content into SMART Notebook

  1. Pete Larson says:

    Another way to pull content in is using the scan function and your document camera. IF you have the Avervision Document camera, and the software installed with it, you can go to INSERT, and choose INSERT FROM SCANNER. The next little window will verify that you want to use your avermedia camera from which you will be taken to a screen showing the material under the camera. Once lined up, click capture, then close, and the image will be an object in Smart Notebook.

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