Google Earth 5.0 Beta Released

If you are a user of Google Earth or have thought about using it in your classroom, it might be time to download the newest version released just a few days ago.  Google has added some tremendous features to Earth with this beta version.  Not only are there 3d buildings created in Sketchup, Street View in which you can get a street level view of many places, and Sky where you can explore the stars, Google has added a touring feature in which you can record a “tour” as a video for playback later as well as have your kids record themselves and narrate the tour.  For more information or videos detailing these new features go to

Additionally, there is now historical imagery included which allows you to move back in time to see changes in landscape locally and globally.  The final new feature includes being able to explore the oceans including 3D shipwrecks.  It’s all very cool.

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