Removing the Nav Bar from Blogger

If you use Blogger with students in your classes you are aware that there is a Navigation Bar at the top of the screen that will take the viewer of the site to the “Next Blog”.  Unfortunately, “Next Blog” is any blog that uses Blogger in Google’s vast database.  Therefore it’s important that, as educators, we remove that bar from your blog.  To do that, follow these steps.


  • Go to Blogger
  • Click on Layout
  • Click Edit HTML
  • Scroll down the very bottom of the code
  • Copy and paste the following code right BEFORE the </body> tag at the bottom



Once you’ve done that, click “Save Template” and you’re set!

Happy Blogging!!

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2 Responses to Removing the Nav Bar from Blogger

  1. msburger says:

    This is great. We will try it on our Blog right now. Thanks.. Shannon

  2. Daisy Durham says:

    I had no idea you could do this! That’s great! Thanks!

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