K12 Online Conference Salary Credit Class

Starting next week I will be offering a salary credit class (1 full credit will be earned through this class) based on the K12 Online Conference, a virtual conference with presenters from across the world.  The class will meet 3 times from 4-6.  The other sessions will be on your own with participation in a Moodle discussion forum.  Finally, participants will create their own virtual “presentation” in response to or inspired by one of the sessions that they watched.  These presentations will then be posted to NotK12OnlineConference.org to be viewed by others.  I will be available to help with the technical side of the presentations as well as working on generating ideas for them.  The idea behind the class is to engage in the greater conversation about education and look outside Parkway for teaching strategies and instructional practices.  Many of the sessions will focus on using technology in the classroom but they are not limited to that.

This class is not in PEERS yet but will be soon. If you or someone you know is interested in participating, please send me an email and I will let you know as soon as it is posted.

Session Dates:
Session 1 – Oct. 29th, 4-6 at River Bend
Session 2 – Nov. 4th, 4-6 at River Bend
Session 3 – Nov. 11th, 4-6 at River Bend

Here is the class description from PEERS.

This class will be based around the K12 Online Conference that has been held during the month of October of 2006 and 2007 and now again in 2008. We will be using the website http://k12onlineconference.org/ as a basis for the content of the class. The K12 Online Conference is an online offering of presentations created by educators and centered around new applications and new technologies. It’s a way to address both teachers’ needs as well as the opportunity to connect to an online network of professionals that can be drawn upon for future professional development activities.

There will be three face-to-face sessions of this class. In between each of these sessions, participants will be expected to engage two sessions from the conference, for a minimum of 6 face-to-face hours and six online conference hours.

Each participant will write reflection and keep a log of the sessions attended. The final face-to-face session will be a facilitated discussion about what was learned, the benefits of the conference, and the next steps for those involved in terms of taking their learning back into their classrooms. Additionally, participants will create their own digital presentation in response to or sparked from one they saw on the K12 Online Conference. These presentations will be submitted to the NotK12OnlineConference (http://notk12onlineconference.org) for use by others.

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