Search the Only the Best Sites — The Ones You Select

google custom logoGoogle has developed yet another great resource.

Google Custom Search is a very cool tool that allows you to determine what sites you want to search.Want to search those hundred bookmarks from iKeepBookmarks that you haven’t reviewed in a while? Wish your students could search only the best sites for their history project? Set one up!

In typical Google fashion, the process is straight forward for new users, with neat additions for those who know a little HTML. You can also allow others to contribute to your list. Collaborate with others in your grade level or content area to create a resource for students throughout your school or district.

Here’s an example for student research.

sample search

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3 Responses to Search the Only the Best Sites — The Ones You Select

  1. Tara says:

    This would be an excellent resource for teachers! Currently, I am using my personalized classroom webstie through to control where the kids are able to search and gather information. It would be great to have a grade level google site for those common projects and links. I like the idea of each teacher being able to access the page and add links as they are found.

  2. Matt Z. says:

    This is a resource I could really used. I have used Ikeepbookmarks in the past, but I think I can use this a little more effectively. I am preparing a for a research project with my students, and I am seriously considering setting up my own Google search so I can help direct the students to the best sites. This will keep me from answering the same questions about research many times.

  3. KBlundon says:

    This sounds great! I think I’ll check into this and give it a try for the next Internet activity I do with students. It should save a lot of time for them, as well as save me the headache and worry that the students might go places they should not.

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