Record Your Directions and Share Them Easily

jing logo Ever try to explain something over the phone? It just doesn’t compare to actually showing someone what they should do — it isn’t as effective as being there.

When I would introduce students to a task I wanted them to complete with the computer, I sometimes felt stuck with a similar dilemma. If I explained it to them in the computer lab, many would be off task, distracted by the computer. Yet, if I explained it to them in my classroom, often I was required to use a chalk board and then some would inevitably forget what they should do. What if there was a way for me to record my audible directions, visually demonstrate the required steps, and provide those directions at the click of a button?

Jing makes this possible.

The Jing Project has created a tool that allows you to take pictures of anything that is displayed on your screen. It can also take video, capturing sound from a microphone (often embedded into your machine if you are using a laptop). What sets Jing apart from other screen capture tools is that it can …

  1. Store the image or video on a remote server space, and
  2. Create a link to that image or video that you can easily include on your web page or in an e-mail.

This means that you don’t have to worry about e-mailing large videos to people and that the videos you create are easily shared with others.

In the scenario above, if I was going to have students complete a number of activities on one or two websites, using Jing I could record myself navigating to those activities and dictating directions. I could put a link on my web page (our school provides an fairly accessible web page builder for all teachers) and direct the students there for directions. Their first task when they get to their computers would be to listen to my directions, as I take attendance.

Jing can be used to share anything you can see on your desktop. Here’s a link to their online tour.

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2 Responses to Record Your Directions and Share Them Easily

  1. Matt Z. says:

    This is something that may even work students who are absent. I may be able to record the instructions or even some lecture notes for them to watch when they return. This will once again save me time and energy getting a student caught up without having to disrupt the other students.

  2. KBlundon says:

    This should come in handy when I want to have my students do a project with a software program like PowerPoint. Sometimes they need a little extra instruction, as well as needing to see some of the basic “do’s and don’ts” of multimedia presentations.

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