Enhance Student Stories, Create Some Yourself

kerpoof logo  Telling a story, in English or a foreign language, is a learned skill.  It requires fundamental language skills and creativity.  If you’ve asked students to add visual elements to those stories, perhaps you’ve felt some frustration as students concentrate more on their drawing abilities and less on the words that they use.

Kerpoof is a Scholastics website that allows students to create scenes or stories that can be e-mailed or printed.  It uses drag-and-drop flash animations that remove the  painstaking time students spend sketching and erasing.   Students can walk in with their written stories, choose their scenes, drag characters and props to the appropriate scenes, add text boxes and dialog bubbles like those found in comic books, and print out their final products.

Scholastics also provides a teacher resources page with application ideas and lesson plans.  Some Kerpoof sponsors, like the Butterfly Pavilion in Broomfield, Colorado, and Northwest Trek in Tacoma, Washington, have sponsored scenes of real places.  In these scenes, students can choose pictures of flora and fauna native to those areas, creating accessible reviews of predator-prey patterns or prompting discussions about different environments.

Kerpoof offers a unique educational resource, whether it be to students sprucing up their stories or teachers leading class discussions.

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2 Responses to Enhance Student Stories, Create Some Yourself

  1. Megan says:

    This is perfect to replace Hyperstudio! I like that it’s an online option with simple “clicking” and “dragging.”

  2. Julie says:

    It seems like this might be good for a creative project for kids who are not as artistically gifted as only a few of their peers are.

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