Create Your Own Newspaper/News Magazine

Well, almost. Imagine going to one place on the web and accessing all the information you regularly want, updated for you without any effort on your part. From this place you could browse through articles, weather, sports, podcasts (radio shows available on the internet), and video podcasts that you choose. No more waiting for primetime or the weather report.

Protopage is a customizable homepage that allows you to put whatever you want into it. Follow the New York Stock Exchange? Read the St. Louis Post Dispatch? Keep tabs on a blog like this one? Any source that puts out regularly updated information on the web will likely have an image like this one: RSS . This is an RSS Feed. If your source has one of these somewhere on its website, you can have information from this site moved into your Protopage automatically. As often as that site updates, your Protopage will be updated. You can keep current on information that interests you, not information that provides “ratings” for some commercial news provider.

In addition to keeping yourself current, you can also use your Protopage to organize your schedule. Protopages come with customizable “widgets” you can add, like sticky notes, to-do lists, a calendar, and more. You can view the weather or keep an active link to Google Maps in case you get lost.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can design “tabs” within your Protopage that you can share with others. Interested in giving other teachers a taste of resources you’ve found helpful? Create a list of your favorite sources and share them with that select group. Or open up that tab to your selected group and have them add their own resources. This allows you collaborate without being in the same room.

All from one destination.

protopage logo

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3 Responses to Create Your Own Newspaper/News Magazine

  1. Megan says:

    So this is a running feed like Reuters? It would notify you of new info via email, right? Sounds interesting but I’m always hesitant that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the new info.

  2. dmcallister says:

    Well, the site pulls from feeds like Reuters, but it won’t clog up your e-mail. I’m often intimidated by the vast amount of information that could potentially pour into my already crammed e-mail account.

    The nice thing about a Protopage is that every news service you subscribe to creates a new “widget” that only displays the 5 or 6 newest items from that source. If you wish to see more than that, though, you can always select that widget and go to the full edition of your news source.

  3. Tara says:

    Sounds a little like “Dashboard” on Macs. I use dashboard all the time (stickies, dictionary, weather) and I like the idea of having the tabs for collaboration.

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