Glubble – Safe Browsing for kids

GlubbleThis post is more geared towards parents of young children and possibly elementary school teachers who are looking to control what content kids can access on the Internet. What’s different about this as opposed to other filtering systems is that parents and teachers pick the content themselves rather than relying on a third party.

Glubble is a free tool for the Mozilla Firefox Internet browser. It permits each member of the family to have their own custom environment, so that when kids use it they only see the very best parts of the Internet based on selections made by their parents or supplied by trusted family brands.

Glubble enhances Firefox to make sure kids can’t see the whole World Wild Web instead they can only see family friendly parts of the web, its like their own little world on the web. The company calls it their Glubble World.

On the site you’ll find a tour that will show you how it works. One thing to remember, this doesn’t work with Internet Explorer. For those of you still running Internet Explorer, maybe it’s time to try Firefox.


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2 Responses to Glubble – Safe Browsing for kids

  1. Megan Schacht says:

    I like that you plugges Firefox at the end. You really do like Firefox and after reading this article, I see one more reason to like it to. Glubble does seem like it would be a useful tool for parents.

  2. Bill says:

    Megan, I agree with you. This could be a great tool for parents. I posted it more for teachers with kids and others who visit our blog than I did for use within the district. Firefox has lots of extensions that can be added to help with workflow. One of the ones that I use is called “ie tab” which allows you to view a site using Internet Explorer without actually leaving Firefox. This is especially good when you need to see a site, such as Microsoft’s, that doesn’t work so well in Firefox. You can even run Windows Update from it.

    If you’re interested in IE Tab you can find it at

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