Get Student Feedback, Give an Authentic Audience logoSurveys. It seems we’re getting a lot lately, and the process can be tedious at times. However, the feedback can be valuable, especially if we ask well-crafted questions and receive honest answers. Surveys can also give us the feeling that we have people interested in what we are doing, a verifiable audience whose opinions can impact the way we perform in the future. is a free survey-creation site with customizable features that give your survey a unique look. You can make a multiple choice, multiple question survey with no limit on responses, ideal for surveying multiple classes or opening up your survey to the whole school. The results are displayed in a bar graph accessible from your account. could be a tool for informal assessments on content mastery or students’ prior knowledge of a subject. But students don’t have to test only their own knowledge with these surveys — they could also evaluate the work of their peers. Paired with other Web 2.0 technologies, e.g. slideshows from Slideshare, surveys could be used to evaluate digital projects.

With Web 2.0 technologies, students can produce work for the world to view, and the world can give some feedback.

Here is a sample survey

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3 Responses to Get Student Feedback, Give an Authentic Audience

  1. Megan says:

    What a nice way to give a survey. I need something that’s free, easy and gives me data. This seems like the perfect way to do it!

  2. Julie says:

    I used a survey last year with my students through However, since Quia is a paid service, a free one would obviously be preferable to many teachers, particularly if they are looking for a survey service alone. I found that the survey was helpful in determining what students really thought about the books we read and activities we completed during the year (sometimes with surprising results). Also, although I haven’t done it before, I think a survey tool could be helpful for teachers if they needed some data up front before beginning a unit (ex: a survey over what writing skills students think they need to work on).

  3. Matt says:

    I have thought about administering a survey to my students as part of a self evaluation process. This site seems like it would be very helpful in doing so. The fact that this is a free service is very appealing to a teacher. I am hoping to try this site out for myself before the end of the year.

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