Historical Blogging

Interested in engaging reluctant learners in reading and writing? A “Historical Blog” may be the answer.

Developed by Herman Wood, a tech specialist in Georgia, this project challenges students to research with a purpose. Students engaged in “historical blogging” study a person or event in depth, creating concept maps as they understand the motivations and environment that shaped this person or event. From here, students assume the role of someone whose life touched upon this subject, and they craft statements from their perspectives. These statements are posted to the blog. Then the students, still in character, react to the posts of their classmates.

Additional elements can be added to this project, such as student illustrations, podcast creations, and biographical journal entries (in the case of studying a person). Teachers have found this project engages struggling students and provides a context and purpose to writing.

You can listen to Herman’s podcast of this topic on this link:


An example of the his ‘historical blog’ is here:


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