Graphic Organizer

It is estimated that well over 40% of our learners are visual learners. To learn more about visual learners and teaching strategies to support the visual learner visit:

While Graphic organizers are extremely helpful for students with all learning styles, they are particularly useful for visual learners. There are a number of websites and software applications (ie Inspiration) that can help students and teachers organize information into meaningful patterns. One of the best resources is

If you click the purple tab for Student Materials, you will access a number of interactive graphic organizers. Click on the Animal Inquiry organizer first. The interactive link will open up a series of graphical screens with prompts for entering information. At the end, students can print the organizer with their notes included. (NOTE: This web based organizer does not give students the option to save. So, teachers will need to prepare students ahead so information can be entered in one session at the computer. There is nothing wrong with printing out an incomplete organizer, and finishing by the tried and true pencil entry method.) Besides the interactive organizer, there are also links to lessons that incorporate the tool.

One of the best is the Persuasion Map. This tool can be used for more than organizing reasons to support a position. It could be used to organize paragraphs of an essay. The essay’s theme would be the first entry. The main ideas of each paragraph would go into the next text boxes and supporting details for each main idea into the last text boxes. Students in 4th grade studying regions of the United States could use it to answer an essay question, “Explain which region of the United States would be the best one to visit. (or live)”

Take a look and share some of the other uses for the Persuasion Map or any other organizer from Read, Write, Think that you integrated into a lesson.

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