Volume 1: Tip 1

Keyboard Shortcuts

To use these shortcuts, hold down CTRL first, then tap the second key.

CTRL-A — Selects all items in the active window
CTRL-C — Copies selected items to your clipboard
CTRL-V — Pastes contents of clipboard
CTRL-X — Cuts selected items and places a copy of them onto your clipboard
CTRL-S — Displays the Save As dialog box or saves document
CTRL-Z — Undoes last action (very useful — works in most applications)
CTRL-P — Displays Print menu
CTRL-O — Displays the Open dialog box

If this isn’t news to you and you’d like something more interesting than keyboard shortcuts… here’s an interesting site for you.


Musicovery is an interactive webradio accessible on the Web for you to enjoy, free! Studies show classical music helps promote thinking and reasoning skills, so, feel free to use this in your classroom, as well as at home. This music is not available to download, but anywhere you have an internet connection, you can enjoy! Pick the genre you prefer, (along with the decade) and get ready to hear some songs you know, as well as some you don’t.

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